There’s almost no bi-product from manufacturing wood flooring, other than the scraps and sawdust that are then used to make other useful materials.

The timber industry and its affect on the environment is an important issue in the United States and throughout the world. The common belief for the last several decades has been that the industry is depleting the world’s forests, but that is simply not true.
Our suppliers are largely committed to sustain-yield management. The dominant principle of sustain-yield management is to harvest no more wood than the forest can re-grow. In short, this means we are living on the “wood interest” from our forests, not the “wood capital”.
Domestically, replanting far exceeds harvesting. In fact, we have 82 percent more timbers in the U.S. today than we had in 1952. In addition, science and agricultural advances have taught us how to harvest and manage forests in such a way that the forest and its new growth are actually stimulated.

When it comes to exotic species, Golden State Flooring, Inc. only imports from reputable, standards-practicing manufacturers. In addition to this all imported flooring must now be certified that it is not made from any type of illegally harvested forests. These strict regulations known as the Lacy Act must be followed and adhered to. Penalties for violating the Lacey Act vary in severity based on the violator’s level of knowledge about the product: penalties are higher for those who knew they were trading in illegally harvested materials. For those who did not know, penalties vary based on whether the individual or company in question did everything possible to determine that the product was legal. In the U.S. system, this is called “due care.” Over the years we’ve developed strong, reliable relationships with manufacturers with very high standards-and only from nations with governed restrictions and harvesting laws. We’re proud to help support a sustainable industry, here and around the world-an industry that further helps the environment.

Golden State Flooring, Inc. also carries wide array of Green and FSC® Certified products to fit many different project types. We also supply products from fast growing avenues that re-generate rather quickly, such as Bamboo.

All things considered, wood could be described as today’s smartest and most responsible resource available in the construction industry. Wood is durable, beautiful, abundant and renewable: nature’s continually offered gift.


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